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If your living or have a business in Anerley and your drainage system is leaking, damaged or weak, Drain Smart can offer a full drain patching and drain relining service, which will be sure to reinstate the water flow in your drain pipes. This process is much more cost effective and will reduce the number of problems in the future with your drains or sewers. Drain relining technology is a much better solution in comparison to undergoing a full excavation and complete pipe replacement which can be time consuming and disruptive.

Here at Drain Smart, we believe that drain relining can be used to resolve a huge number of issues and works successfully with open or leaking joints, root interruption or destruction caused by blockages. Drain relining can be undertaken on small jobs (pipes from as little as 6cm diameter) right through to big commercial jobs (pipes up to 1.5m diameter).

Drain Smart have used this process in many of different scenarios in Anerley and the surrounding areas. We have experienced and qualified engineers at hand to guarantee the ultimate solution and a specialist service. Our local drain relining experts are well equipped with the latest technology and equipment and provide a quality service at good value wherever you are.

All our re-lined drains will achieve a permanent structural repair that will be 100% guaranteed to rectify the flow of your drainage systems. All of Drain Smart Ltd’s drain re-lining services are guaranteed for a 15-year period. However, most drainage engineers do advise that this process can last 50 years or more.

Drain Relining has many Benefits, which include:

• No costly excavation or dig-ups
• Minimal disruption
• Suitable for diameters of 60mm-1500mm
• Increase rates of flow
• Ability to negotiate bends and offsets
• Prevent future root infestation
• 10 Year Guarantee
• All types of pipe material solutions
• Continuous Section

If you require any more information about Drain Smart’s sewer, drain or pipe relining please view our videos or get in touch with one of our experts local to you in Anerley. We’re available on 0800 7 40 80 40 or 020 8663 3699. You can also contact us via e-mail on



Here at Drain Smart we find that the best method to find the location of blockages and problems with drain systems is to perform a CCTV Drain Survey. In this method we use advanced technology to take video footage from inside your pipework. From this we then compose a extensive report and drainage system diagram. This report provides us with the information needed to give you a detailed plan of action and a price of the work we plan to undertake.

With this process we are able to give you a price and stick to it, there are no hidden costs and no extra expenses. We also will not start any of the planned work without your consent and agreement to the plan of action.

Why is a CCTV Survey required to diagnose the problem?

We understand that if you’re told your property has a leaking or damaged drain, that’s only half of the problem. Drain Smart regularly inform residents of Anerley about the advantages of a CCTV Drain Survey, and what problems can be diagnosed with this technology. Without using a CCTV drain survey, the problems that reside in your drains can result in something far more serious if left undiscovered. Problems with drains and pipework have been known to lead to subsidence and has sometimes even caused the movement of a building.

When it comes to the safety and the regulations for your home, no-one knows more than a building insurer, and according to a leading specialist buildings insurer:

Approximately 25% of subsidence claims are directly related to defective drainage which has eroded the soil below the foundations causing the building to drop.”

The use of CCTV drain survey technology has allowed Drain Smart to carry out blockage investigations in even the smallest piping systems, manholes and some of the London’s oldest drainage systems. With the footage and data received, we can accurately calculate the cost and time it will take to rectify the problem. Due to the efficiency we provide, this process can help residents and councils make arrangements to let us implement new drains or relining where necessary.

For more information on CCTV Drain Surveys, or if you have any questions or queries, don’t hesitate to call Drain Smart today on 0800 7 40 80 40 or 020 8663 3699. Alternatively you can also e-mail us directly on

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