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  • Drain lining is a no dig technology, a long proven and well established evolved method wherein a new pipe is placed within a damaged pipe without the need of excavation and without maximum disruption.


When is drain lining required?

When having issues with the broken pipes, there are cases when is no alternative but to dig down to the pipe in order to find and cure the problem. However, the drain lining can be used for certain applications and this type of technologies can speed up the repair process and minimize the amount of disruption at the customer’s place. The drain lining technologies can also be a better option in cases where the broken pipes are in an area with difficult access.

Drainage lining is an effective and fast solution for many situations involving broken pipe repairs. This method is known in the world of drainage specialists to be a way to save costs, time and disruption from eventual expensive excavations. Pipeline lining technologies can be utilized to restore and seal the damaged pipe to its original condition. Drainage lining may be the answer if you find that your old clay drains have holes, cracks, breaks, leaks, open joints, Pitch-fibre pipes with issues on the laminated surface or corroding iron.


What is used to repair broken drains?

In these types of pipeline repairs the drainage professionals have first to gain access to the affected area of pipe from the surface. They will find the nearest manholes and operating through them. Then, the experts in drain lining start by applying a special resin property to the felt sleeve. The resin contains an active catalyst that is imbued into the pipe liner before installation. The PVC felt sleeve is later installed in the damaged or old drainage pipe.


What materials are used to fix damaged drains?

The material from which it’s built, this new pipe is similar to glass reinforced plastic. It is proven that in all cases the new resulted pipeline is strong with superior quality to the cured pipelines. Drainage lining experts usually choose any of the three special resin systems: Polyester, Epoxy and Silicate. These different materials have different curing times that are adaptable in different conditions and applications.

The resins are imbued into the liner before the installation in the pipe. A lining, wet on its exterior surface, is inserted into the pipe. Next, the liner is built from a special waterproof felt and is tailored and designed to fit accurately the internal dimension of the refurbished pipe. The lining material’s thickness can be different according to required specifications. The new pipe is then moulded into the old and/or damaged pipe through a method called ‘inversion’.


How does the drain lining application work?

This lining is then inflated to force it into contact with the inside of the pipe. In this process can be used air pressure or water pressure. The pressure is making the lining to fit snugly against the lining of the wall of the old pipe. Once this inversion process is done, the new pipe now becomes rigid. In this way, it has created a tough and strong pipe that is snugly fitted in the existing pipe.

Using this method will result in a very minimum loss of cross section – less than 6%. Once it’s positioned in the right place, a special hose of calibration is then imbued in the liner, shaping and forming in the wall linings of the pipe. The lining is left to cure over a period of several hours, forming a new, rigid pipe inside the old one. When the pipe is cured or fixed, the drainage experts can then remove the hose.
The drain liner repair technology is qualified for vertical rainwater down and sewer pipes with diameters between 75mm and 300mm. It is resistant to the most menacing chemicals and can even withstand any extremely high temperature.


What are the benefits of drain lining?

The drain lining technology is helpful for the home owners and businesses who will benefit in a number of ways. Drain lining eliminates the expensive excavations as well as the destruction or disruption to any property. By using this no dig method a permanent structural repair can be achieved.

Drain lining is guaranteed to resist ground movements much more than traditional drainage materials. This technology assures an improved flow and the cross-sectional loss in case of using this repair method is well compensated by increased flow efficiency. Drain lining is cost effective, cheaper than pipe replacement and results are a longer pipe life and a more cost effective option than replacing drains.


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