Drain repair for drain damage caused by the following problems

Fractured pipework

The majority of drain systems are commonly over 20 years old, and are assembled from earthenware pipework, which is vulnerable to cracking and other types of damage being caused to the drain. Cracked and damaged drains can cause corrosion which over time may damage your property


Collapsed Pipework Drain Repair

Drain pipes can collapse from too much pressure being applied to the top of the drains. The drains can also collapse from too much corrosion. This is a hazard to the entire draining system because collapsed drains

causes blockages and flooding.


Root Related Drain Damage

Roots can cause major damage to a drainage system, the roots can both damage pipework and damage it or they can also grow into already broken drainage. Roots usually cause blockages and break pipework.

Drain smart can perform drain repair on all damage to drainage systems.


Deformed Pipework Drain Damage

During the 1960s, the most common used pipe material was pitch fibre, which has recently been discovered as defective, this is because the pipework can break easily and be delaminated. This type of material can cause frequent blocked and deteriorate easily.