Do you have a drain that needs repairing in Leatherhead?

Drain Repairs LeatherheadDid you know you are responsible for some of the drains that are on your property?  Just because you can’t see a problem or perhaps see a puddle of water, doesn’t mean their isn’t a problem. Down below your property are drains that carry grey water from your property and more often than not can form blockages. In more serious cases, a collapsed drain or broken defective drain can occur if you have tress in your property. The good news is Drain Smart can help fix your drains.

Drain Repair for Leatherhead home owners and businesses

Generally diagnosis of the problem is determined by CCTV camera inspection to help form a decision and the best course of remedial work.  The camera inspection will provide details of the

  • Actual drain damage
  • The depth of the drain
  • The access to the problem area
  • The connecting pipework

These factors all have a bearing on the best form of drain repair.

What are the types of drain repair available?

If possible an insitu drain repair such as structural soft felt lining or structural patch lining is chosen as they are the most economical solutions, although in some cases there is no other option other than to excavate and replace the damaged pipework.  If access problems or connecting pipework do prevent the insitu methods, sometimes a combination of localised excavations for access to drain sections, in particular, commercial drain repair is needed to deliver structural soft felt lining.

Structural Felt Lining Replacement

Sometimes where an insitu drain repair would have been possible but the level of damage his deteriorated, then excavation and renewal can be the most likely outcome.  It may also be decided that the level of water loss and the possible erosion of soil below the pipework where the foundations have been badly effected then, this is another case of  a drain repair that requires structural soft felt lining replacement to correct drain repair work.

In these cases we prefer to replace the defective section and during this process we excavate and remove the softened ground below the leaking drainage.  This area is then replaced with mechanically compacted dry mix concrete to consolidate the affected subsoil and remove any voids below the pipework.

Numerous other defects such as severely deformed and delaminated pitch fibre pipework or large tree root damage and of course economy will factor in our recommendations for drain repair.

All of our lead drain engineers work with the installation of new pipework / drainwork, including PVC-u and ‘super sleve’. Drainsmart are fully conversant with the current Building Regulations which pertain to our industry.

All structural soft felt lining work is covered against faulty workmanship and materials and 15 year guarantee. Life expectancy is expected to last a minimum of 50 years.

Drain Cleaning

A drain that on face value may need repairing, is not always the case. In the case of a blocked drain, sometimes a case of clearing out the blockage and jet hosing the drain to clean it from build up, can in many occasions be the simple solution as we have experienced in drain repair Leatherhead jobs carried out.

Commercial drainage we help in Leatherhead

  • Local councils & authorities
  • Healthcare authorities
  • Private care homes
  • Private home owners
  • Commercial businesses
  • Landlords
  • Tenants

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