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Wherever you live and whatever the age of your property, drains are essential. They’re also the sort of thing you tend not to think about until there’s a problem with them. We have a habit of taking our drains for granted only really noticing them when they don’t work. Whilst it might be said that drain repairs are our bread and butter here at Drainsmart, a faulty drain has huge implications: • Unsanitary/unhygienic conditions • Foul odour • Failure to clear away human waste • Increased likelihood of pests and vermin • Risk of flooding In many cases, a drain unblocking service is performed as an emergency because the drain in question has suddenly, without warning, become faulty and you need a fast solution to the problem. However, whilst an emergency drain unblocking can be done quickly and efficiently with the minimum of fuss, its Drain Smart’s obligation to restore your drain to working order. Of course, drain collapses and other emergency situations are for the most part, un-preventable but there are some steps you can take to minimise the chance of an emergency.

Drain Cleaning

One of the major causes of blockages in drains, especially for hotels, restaurants, cafés and fast food chains, kitchens and toilets deal with a lot of waste. Of course, it’s almost impossible to stop and not to mention time consuming, to prevent food deposits from being washed away. As a company, we clean drains the smart way and offer regular maintenance and checks for all commercial food retailers.

Drain repairing

We know a lot about commercial kitchens and the drain blockages which come from fat and foreign objects, that often poured down the sink. We work for a number of food and retail chains in Kent, Surrey and Sussex, where by carrying out regular drain inspections, we have been able to save our clients thousands of pounds by cleaning the drains regularly to prevent further damage.

CCTV Inspection

Drains come in a number of sizes and in also include pipelines, sewers and gullies. Designed to clear away waste water and sewage, this all travels to the treatment centre to which then the whole cycle starts all over again.

Residential – Commercial – Industrial

Whether you’re a property management company, homeowner, landlord or industrial manufacturer, your drains play an important part to helping your business to function everyday. Speak to Drain Smart to find out about our drain survey and inspections for businesses and homes.