We hope you found this Glossary of Drainage Terms useful. We appreciate the concerns which can arise when dealing with drainage issues and the mystery surrounding them - not many people want to know much about their drains, just that they are working properly. This is why many of our customers appreciate the feedback from our drainage engineers. The Drainsmart team are always happy to answer any questions or concerns you have about your drainage issue or any of the work being done.

If you choose to have a CCTV drain survey in London conducted by Drainsmart, you will be provided with a report which has the findings. You can have a look at our Sample Report page by clicking the option in the website menu. This report can be invaluable to many of our customers, especially those looking to purchase a new property. If anything on your drain survey report doesn't make sense, please speak to a member of the Drainsmart team - we will be happy to go through it with you and let you know about any of the findings and/or recommendations that emerge from the survey.

One of the reasons we chose to add a glossary of drainage terms to our website was to help all customers, no matter their knowledge levels, learn more about what we do to help them. We work with all types of drainage customers, from individual homeowners to large construction companies, to assist them with their drainage needs. If we feel it is important for you to understand an aspect of your drainage issue, we will ensure to take the time and go through it with you, offering plenty of time for questions. In a lot of cases, most customers just want the problem fixed and to carry on with their day - which we appreciate and will do our best to accommodate.

To learn more about our drainage services, visit our menu page or use the contact form below to ask our friendly team a question. You can also use the contact form to request a drain repair or drain survey, please just let us know the details of the problem you are having and where the property is located. We hope to hear from you soon.