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CCTV Drain Survey London

CCTV Drain Surveys in London

One of the most effective ways to investigate the drainage system is to carry out a CCTV camera inspection however this does not always provide all of the required information. Whilst it is used in all of our site surveys to examine the condition of the interior of the pipework and for any bends or lateral branch connections, sometimes further techniques and methods are necessary:

Electronic Sonde Tracing

This involves a small device being inserted into the drainage system and used in conjunction with the above ground component to pin point the route of the drain. This is useful if an excavation is required to replace a collapsed drain or locating a concealed manhole. We often use this to pinpoint the connection with a Local Water Authority asset when architects are in their planning stages, preparing for any Build Over Agreements.

Fluorescein Dye Testing

On occasion, the configuration of the drainage system prevents the camera from passing through the pipework and in these circumstances where we are unsure if a certain part of the drainage connects to the underground system, a small amount of coloured dye is dropped into system to see if it is connected in an unseen run.

It is also helpful if there is a problem with damp because if it is flushed into the pipework and it emerges through the wall, it is evident the internal pipework is not watertight and contributing to the issue.

Hydraulic Water Test

Whilst the CCTV camera inspection will show if there are any fractures in the system, we can test the level of water loss in a drain by temporarily capping of the run at the manhole and filling the pipe with water to the top gully. If there is only a small reduction over a period of time monitored by our engineers, the loss is of minimal concern however if it rapidly drops, this will be having a large impact on the surrounding ground and requires urgent attention.

CCTV Drain Surveys London

Home Buyers Drainage Surveys

At Drainsmart, we work regularly with the National Association of Drainage Contractors. We are fully certified. It is important if you plan to hire a drainage surveyor that they are fully certified.

Find out more about Home Buyers Drainage Surveys in the NADC video below.

Comments from Drainsmart customers

Below are some of the drain survey reviews we have had from Drainsmart customers.

"Carried out as described to me. After the survey Drainsmart called me and gave a very detailed description of what needed to be done and answered all my questions. They evidently are very experienced in the field I would recommend them to anyone with a drain problem."

Jan G., CCTV Drain Survey Customer

"Drainsmart came round to do a camera survey of our drains which turned out were in need of crack repairs, clearing, manhole rebuild and root clearance and produced a very detailed report noting all issues found. They carried out the work as detailed in the report, giving regular updates as they went along. Extra work was required which they carried out alongside what was planned, even bringing in another team in order to get it all finished. Very friendly, helpful and respectful teams. Very happy with work carried out. Would recommend."

Sally T., As seen on Google Reviews

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