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Repairing Pitch Fibre Pipework



Here at Drainsmart, we like to invest in high-end technology to assist with drainage repairs we are instructed to undertake but we also like to develop new techniques using the equipment and machinery we already own to make the job easier, less disruptive and save our clients’ money.

We recently had a project in London where during a CCTV drain survey we found a pitch fibre section of pipework had become deformed and although we can usually return the squashed sections to their original circular shape by pitch fibre re-forming followed by installing a thermo-cured structural soft liner, in this particular case the severity of the deformity would not allow the standard repair. In situations like this, the drain would usually have to be replaced which would involve an excavation which can be very disruptive however as this deformed section of drainage was under a school building, excavating was far from ideal.

Because of this, we decided to experiment in our yard with deformed sections of pitch fibre pipework we had excavated on other sites to see if it was possible to cut away the delaminated layers to widen the internal bore and make the actual pipe thinner which would allow us to then use the standard repair technique of re-rounding.

We started with our Picote milling machine using different types of cutting heads and although that worked in our trial run, it was not able to remove enough layers when attempted on site. We then realised that if we were able to change the angle of the cutting head on our Dancutter lateral cutting machine to be forward-facing instead of to the side, this may be able to remove the remaining layers.

After some manipulation, we were able to adjust the position and following another successful trial run in our yard, we went to the site and were able to finally make enough space within the pitch fibre drain to allow for re-rounding to be carried out.

Now we know how well this works, we no longer will have to excavate deformed sections of pipework which not only saves our engineers hours of digging which has its problems (such as coming across utility pipes), it avoids the disruption and additional expense our customers would have to face. 

Not only does this new technique benefit us, we can also carry this work out for other contractors who encounter the same problem which will be preferable for their clients. If you wish to sub-contract this type of work out to us, we will be happy to discuss a costing.


Some of the main services we provide are:

CCTV Drain Survey in London

Drain Repairs in London

Drain Lining in London


Check out our Services page for a comprehensive list.

Comments from Drainsmart customers

Below are some of the drain repairs reviews we have had from Drainsmart customers.

“Great service. Very quick on the phone and booking. Efficient with survey. Report was out very quickly and very detailed. It was great that report included costs for Drainsmart to resolve the identified improvements. Also great that survey fee can be waived if we do engage in DS to complete the recommended works. Thanks!"

S.W., Drainsmart Customer

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