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Specialist Drainage Machinery


Here at Drainsmart, we believe in investing in the latest technology to assist with trickier repairs, helping to avoid disruptive excavations and therefore keeping the costs down for our clients.

We are known to other drainage contractors as well as building companies for owning this type of machinery as when they are in trouble, we are the first port of call instead of sourcing the plant to hire and arranging for a technician to use it which can take time. All of our equipment is owned by us with our engineers trained in how to operate it and therefore in an emergency, we have it to use at our disposal.


As well as the standard equipment such as jetting machines and CCTV cameras for cleaning and investigations together with air machines and packers for structural soft felt and structural patch lining, we also have the following:

Dancutter Lateral Cutting Machine

Dancutter Lateral Cutting Machine

This piece of Danish technology is for reopening lateral connections once a drain liner has been installed. The machinery allows us to perfectly cut through the lining material once it has cured where the branch connection is, leaving a smooth hole and returning the system to free flowing – see more here

We have also attended properties with this machine to cut through braided metal jetting hoses and drains rods which have disconnected during blockage clearances and screws which have penetrated the pipework during external works and in one case, a steel reinforcement bar.

Picote Milling Machine

Picote Milling Machine

Similar to the Dancutter in the sense that it can cut through tough materials, this Finnish machine is regularly used when heavy cement has found its way into the system, usually during building works. It also makes quick work of cutting through scale and rust deposits which have built up over time.


We recently used this when a competitor of ours had a structural soft felt liner go wrong under their client’s newly laid kitchen floor in a drain which served the bathrooms and within a couple of hours, we had managed to remove the defective section, leaving the pipework free flowing and ready for the engineers to have another attempt!

Drainage Company London
Drainage Company in London

Picote Cannon Lining Machine

Picote Cannon Lining Machine

Made by the same company as our milling machine, this lining machine has the advantage over standard techniques of being able to install a liner around bends. The standard structural soft felt liners and the machinery used is relatively restricted to just straight sections of pipework as the liner needs to be inflated by a bag once in position however this new machine uses air to push through the inversion liner gradually which allows the flexible material to conform to the line of the pipe, including bends.

Drain Repairs in London

This is ideal for lining around rest bends at the base of downpipes once access has been made into the above ground section and also from roof level, bypassing the ‘swan necks’.

Pitch Fibre Re-rounder

Pitch Fibre Re-rounder

This machine is designed to return deformed and squashed pitch fibre pipework back to its original circular shape. Pitch fibre was brought into circulation in the late 1950’s after being hailed as a revolutionary material until it was discovered to be inherently defective in the early 1970’s, during which time thousands of kilometres of pipework had been installed.

Pitch Fibre 1.jpg


TrapJumper specialist drainage

This lightweight system is the latest design from our CCTV camera manufacturer to enable the navigation of tight bends in the drainage system. The flexible camera head and push rod allows us to carry out a CCTV camera investigation downstream of the traps found in gullies and WCs which are there to stop the escape of foul smells, saving the need to excavate at the bend or remove the toilet pan.

Comments from Drainsmart customers

Below are some of the drain repairs reviews we have had from Drainsmart customers.

“They were two delightful young men who carried out their duties very professionally and respectfully which was most refreshing and a credit to your firm."

H.K., Drainsmart Customer

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