CCTV Drain Surveys



As CCTV drain surveys are a necessity to see what is going on in the underground pipework, our dedicated surveying teams carry out dozens of investigations each week. With Drainsmart’s CCTV drain survey in London, we include a full written report complete with a summary of our findings and recommendations to return the system to a free-flowing and watertight condition if needed, as well as a detailed computerised drainage layout diagram showing the positions of manholes and gullies, etc. Our plans are well received across a number of professional trades, especially when compared to our competitors' hand-drawn versions which we have found on many occasions do not reflect the actual building or configuration of the system - you can see an example of what you can expect to receive from us here. We will also provide a copy of the video recording if requested.


Our charge for a CCTV camera inspection of all of the accessible underground drainage at a domestic property is £215.00 plus VAT which allows for 3 manholes, or £245.00 plus VAT for our Architect Package which includes superimposing the drainage layout onto supplied General Arrangement (GA) plans. Most standard size properties have 1 or 2 manholes and we allow time to inspect a 3rd however any extra chambers found will be charged at an additional £60.00 plus VAT per manhole.

We are also able to inspect larger sites such as blocks of flats and housing estates, schools, churches and commercial premises which are usually based on a day rate – please feel free to contact us for more information.




CCTV drain surveys allow us to look into the drainage system with a small portable camera unit with no disruption to the ground providing there is adequate access, making this the best way to identify problems. This is watched live on site by our experienced engineers and their notes are compiled into a full detailed report by our office team and signed off by a
survey manager with a summary explaining the findings and any concerns as shown on our sample page.

If there is not sufficient access to the drainage, e.g. a manhole or rodding access point, a small localised excavation or a cut into above ground external pipework may be required to gain entry and we will reinstate the pipework and the surface area upon completion. This will be a last resort as we have TrapJumper cameras which have been designed to bypass gully and WC rest bends however there is the odd occasion it is not successful as it is dependent on the angle of the bends.



When was the last time you thought about your drainage system? Maybe never up until now. The good news is that this is not uncommon. Many customers call Drainsmart because they suspect something is happening with their drains, maybe an odour appearing, slow draining water, damp walls or cracks in the building or rat activity all of which require investigating to decide the best course of remedial action. They are also necessary to obtain information for extensions and Build Over Agreements, regular monitoring for insurance purposes following a claim especially relating to subsidence, or ascertaining the condition of the system for a Home Buyers survey (see below). We also are called out to advise on how to protect the private drainage system from vermin infestation and sealing any points they may be using to escape from.

Unfortunately, there is no way of ascertaining the extent of any issues underground without a prior CCTV drain survey in London and as each drainage system and the level of damage discovered is completely different, we are unable to give an estimated cost of any necessary repairs until we have the information this will obtain.



The video footage captured during our CCTV camera inspections can be saved onto a DVD or USB hard drive and/or sent electronically after it has been analysed upon closer inspection. A report will then be issued demonstrating a schedule of remedial works should any defects be discovered together with a computerised drawing showing the drainage layout.

CCTV Drain Surveys
CCTV Drain Surveys in London



If you are considering or currently in the process of buying a new home, you should always consider a Home Buyers drain survey. These surveys will inspect the drainage system and make sure there are no current or potential issues with the pipework. If you disregard a Home Buyers survey and there are pre-existing issues, you may find it hard to negotiate with an insurer or the previous homeowner, meaning you may be liable for the damages to your property. A Home Buyer drain survey can locate and identify drainage issues from small blockages to extensive problems.



We can schedule your appointments over the phone or by email and are happy to liaise with any agents to arrange access if needed. As we have many crews on the road and with a CCTV camera inspection of a standard size domestic property taking around an hour to complete, we can usually attend within 24-48 hours to carry out the investigation.

What to expect when having a CCTV drain survey in London

You can book a time for our team to visit your property by getting in touch, either via telephone, email or the contact page.

Our engineers will arrive on time at your property and will inspect your drains using our CCTV camera equipment, using access points such as manholes.

Our engineers will examine the footage, looking for any issues such as blockages, infestations, or fractures in the pipework.

We will make recommendations based on what we find - which you can choose to proceed with if you wish.

We will present you with a report of the findings and computerised drawing showing the layout of the accessible system.

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Comments from Drainsmart customers

Below are some of the drain repairs reviews we have had from Drainsmart customers.

"This was an urgent short notice request to complete and report on a CCTV drain survey in connection with a property purchase in Wimbledon following on from a Building Surveyor's recommendation. Drainsmart could not have been more understanding and helpful throughout. They fitted the survey at short notice, completed it with minimal disruption for the current property owner and sent me a high quality (and - important for a lay person - readily digestible) report on the same day which enabled us to exchange contracts the following week. We will now do the work recommended."

Jan G., CCTV Drain Survey in London Customer