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Blocked Drain Inspection London




A drain is a pipe that carries sewage and/or surface water from a single property. They are often called private drains as the responsibility of their maintenance and upkeep lies with the owner of the property. Blocked drains can be a real headache and can develop into a major problem if not dealt with.

If you notice toilets backing up when flushed or water draining away very slowly, then there is a real possibility you may have a blocked drain somewhere in your waste system. A drain inspection and possible drainage specialist may be required.

Occasionally, drainage clogs up gradually with time. You may actually notice water draining reduced. Other indicators are, the bath/shower not draining properly or the toilet backing up, and possibly overflowing onto the floor. A visual drainage inspection may highlight the problem but not always. Blocked drainage may range from inconvenient to a real health hazard if sewage is pouring into the property.

There are many DIY advice services available on the internet, but if you have a blocked drain a reliable National Association of Drainage Contractors (NADC) approved specialist is required. Attempting to fix a blocked drain yourself can cause more problems than when you started. It can lead to a cracked drainpipe, damaged channel, and further blockages down the drain run or worse.

Almost all house owners have experienced the issue of a blocked drain at one time or another. They are many different causes of blocked drains. We are sure you have attempted to fix the problems yourselves and have realised it’s usually not that simple. If you’re like so many other people a simple attempt to clear the blockage with a stick or drain rod just doesn’t cut it!!

Drain Blockage London
Blocked Drains London
Drains Blocked in London

Non-disposable Items

As commonly reported in the media and Thames Water campaigns, a major issue causing blockages are non-disposable items such as wet wipes, nappies, earbud, sanitary products, etc. being flushed down the toilet.

In 2017, Thames Water discovered during a routine inspection a monster ‘Fatberg’
blocking the London sewers, weighing the same as 11 double decker buses and stretching the length of two football pitches. Engineers were immediately sent to work on the grim task of breaking up the congealed mass of wet wipes, nappies and fat to prevent raw sewage flooding the streets of Whitechapel.

Similar to the 2013 case in Kingston, it took weeks of crews equipped with shovels and jetting hoses to remove the blockage, closing off some roads at times, which is completely avoidable if everyday items are disposed of in the correct manner. A number of documentaries and news stories have aired around this issue and a simple
Google search of the London Fatberg will show you countless photographs of the mass as well as Thames Water’s ‘Bin It – Don’t Flush It’ campaign to eradicate the problem.

Here are a few of the most common cause of blocked drains:


Autumn is one of the highest reports of blocked drains. The falling leaves fall into drains or are washed in to them by the rain and after time build up to cause a blockage. Tree Roots can also be a major threat to drains, as they can crack drainage pipes and block drains entirely which can be a costly problem to resolve. Regular drain inspections and clearance may prevent this problem becoming a real issue.

Blocked drains in London


Another major problem and leading cause of blocked drains is grease and fat. If you wash your waste cooking fat or grease down the sink it will eventually reduce the bore of the drain and water will not be able to break through the blockage. Although the most common form of blocked drains, it is probably the easiest to prevent. Simply be aware of what you are washing down your sink waste pipe.


Hair is another common cause of blocked drains and can provide a real problem. If hair build up is not monitored and regularly cleared it can cause a major headache and most certainly will cause blocked drains. Although there are gadgets on the market to help catch hair before it is washed down the sink, the easiest way is just too clear hair regularly from around the sink hole.

Drain unblocking london


Foreign objects, quite often, toilet bowl fresheners, falling down the sink or toilet is one sure way of causing block drains. Most people at some time have dropped something down the toilet or sinkhole and have simply not been able to retrieve it so have left it. If this happens and the item cannot be removed then a drainage expert may need to be called out.


If you are a resident, homeowner or commercial business in London, Surrey, Sussex or Kent, then please don’t suffer from a blocked drain or any other drainage issue’s contact Drainsmart today and let us resolve the issue quickly and effectively.


Some of the main services we provide are:

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Check out our Services page for a comprehensive list.

Comments from Drainsmart customers

Below are some of the drain repairs reviews we have had from Drainsmart customers.

"Can I just say how great the guys were. Ed and his colleague were beyond helpful and they both deserve a special mention."

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