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Drain Surveys Beckenham



If you’re currently experiencing drainage issues in Beckenham and searching for a reputable drain repair company that operates around Beckenham and the other surrounding areas of Bromley then look no further than Drain Smart. We’re available for a range of services that affect domestic and commercial buildings and their drain work.



At Drainsmart we only employ drain engineers who have a great understanding of working with large and problematic drainage systems. We provide an honest and professional drain survey that helps us to provide you with the information needed to calculate the cost of your drain problem and the best way to implement a long term solution.



There is a wide range of issues that can affect the drains in your home or business and they can be anything from a blocked drain to bellied pipework. Most drainage problems need a professional inspection and/or survey, which we are happy to provide at Drain Smart. Our methods can vary, and the process we decide on is determined by the degree of damage upon our assessment. We find that one of the most cost-effective methods we provide is drain lining or drain relining.

Here at Drain Smart, we have invested in advanced CCTV Survey Technology that allows our team to relay information about a drain up to 100 metres, all in colour digital technology.



First of all, we diagnose the problem with our latest CCTV Drain Survey. The detailed report that we receive from this process makes us able to asses the seriousness of the drain problem. From the information gathered from the survey, we are then able to put together a detailed drain survey report. This allows us to show our customers diagrams and present written details of the drain and the issues with it. Finally, we give you the necessary advice on the best course of action to repair the drain, and the best long term solution in our opinion.


Here at Drainsmart we perform a high number of drain repairs in Beckenham without actually having to excavate the area and replace the drain. This process usually causes high levels of disruption and can be very detrimental. Thanks to the top of the range equipment and materials that we use, we can perform a number of drainage repairs without this procedure. Generally, we can replace part of a pipe without causing disruption to other roads or public pathways. Unfortunately, when there is badly damaged piping or a series of breaks, we may have no other choice but to excavate the area.

We strive to fix all drainage problems in Beckenham by using the best solution available. If we do believe that excavation is the best cause of action to take that will give you a long term solution, then we always provide evidence to why we would use this process. We strongly believe that changing the plan halfway through any job is detrimental and costly.

When you need to hire a knowledgeable drainage contractor, there should be no hidden drain repair charges. Here at Drain Smart there never will be. The value we quote for any job is the amount we will stand by. This is because we are a loyal and honest drain repair company and repeat custom is what helps us build our reputation.



So if you are currently experiencing drainage issues in Beckenham or the surrounding areas of Bromley, call Drain Smart today for advice from friendly & knowledgeable team. We are available on 0800 7 40 80 40020 8663 3699, or directly on e-mail at


Some of the main services we provide are:

CCTV Drain Survey in London

Drain Repairs in London

Drain Lining in London


Check out our Services page for a comprehensive list.

Comments from Drainsmart customers

Below are some of the reviews we have had from Drainsmart customers.

“We are always pleased to use Drainsmart for both surveys and remedial works and we know that we can rely upon you to come up with the right results. It is also reassuring to have Michael working alongside our regular survey team and to get the efficient and knowledgeable back up from Danielle and others in your office.

We are often commended by clients and instructing solicitors for our thoroughness and ability to identify defects, and it is frequently the drainage element which gets a special mention.”

N. Axten, Drainsmart Customer

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