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Earthenware or vitrified clay pipework was the most commonly used drainage pipe material used for many years but a new material was brought into circulation in the late 1950’s called pitch fibre.

This was hailed as a revolutionary material and was popular through to the early 1970’s for its ease of installation and relative cost effectiveness compared to the traditional materials.

Unfortunately the material was discovered to be inherently defective and quickly taken out of circulation but not before thousands of kilometres of pipework had been installed. It was found that depending upon the level of loading and time period the material began to deform, effectively squashing down creating an uneven and undulating internal surface.

Also due to the fibrous layers used in the manufacture of the material the deformation caused delamination whereby the actual fabric of the pipework disintegrates. Advanced levels of deformation can cause the pipework to virtually squash flat which prevents all use of the facilities.

In the most severe cases the only remedy is full excavation and replacement which is both very expensive and very disruptive.

If the drain is discovered to be in the early or mid stages of deformation or delamination, insitu repair techniques (without the need for excavation and renewal) such as structural soft felt lining are possible which prevents the need for replacement.

What are the benefit of pitch fibre reforming?

Specialist reforming equipment can be utilised to return the deformed shape of the pitch fibre pipework back to its original circular shape. This is achieved by high tension winches and reformers which physically force the pitch fibre pipework back into shape. Also commonly known as re-rounding this method prepares the pitch fibre pipework for the introduction of structural soft felt liner which retains the circular shape and prevents the original pipework from deforming again. High temperature water is used in conjunction with a ‘hot box’ system in the curing or hardening process of the structural soft felt lining which allows maximum strength of the liner to be achieved within hours instead of many weeks which is normally required with standard structural soft felt lining.

Upon completion of the lining process the pipework is virtually returned to its original circular shape permanently and is immediately ready for use. 20m-30m lengths can be reformed and repaired by structural soft felt lining within one day and therefore the potential cost savings against excavation and renewal are immense. The massive disruption of replacement and reinstatement problems are also saved, making this technique very desirable when faced with the alternative traditional methods.

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