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Drain Company London – What We Can Do For You.

Drain Smart the London Drain Company – How We Can Help You.

You maybe very curious about just what a drain company in London can do and what they specialise in, and how it is different from your typical plumbing service. This type of business usually deals with drains and broken down sewers, although some companies in London  will also provide new services when requested by customers, whether you need broken drain pipes replacing or help on a construction site. Consider using Drain Smart London when you need a company for sewer or drain problems, for residential and commercial purposes.

Cost Effective Drain Repair

Drain pipes that have become damaged will usually need to be relined, this is a service offered by this type of drain company. In some cases epoxy maybe used inside of the broken drain pipe which helps bind the two together to help improve both the flow of water waste and the function of the drainage system. This repair maybe needed to be done in order to fix any damaged pipes from growing tree roots, collapsed drains or from cracks and holes in the drain pipes causing leaks and exposing to the earth. This is a great alternative to replacing pipes and is much more cost effective.

Regular Cleaning keeps Drain Blockages Away

To prevent future drain blockages to the drainage system, sewers and drain pipes need regular maintenance and to be cleaned every now and again, which is what your average drain company can do for you. In some cases if your drainage system is not well looked after, this can cause a blockage eventually in the drainage, this leaves you the customer responsible for the damage done to the drainage system and any damage done to your home. A leaking sewer will allow rubbish and waste water to flow out on ground, which can come up from a manhole in your garden or one nearby. Preventing this problem from happening is a really easy task. You contact your local drain company such as Drain Smart London and they will arrange to come out and do a clean and CCTV drain survey on your drainage system every 12 months to ensure it stays up and running. To help prevent future blockages please do not put any of the following down toilet these are nappies, tampons, baby wipes, face wipes, kitchen towel, or even cat litter all these can result in blocking your drainage system.

How Tree Roots can Damage Drains

One drainage issues is that home owners are never to aware of is trees, the roots from trees in your garden can break the drainage piping trying to seek out water. You can prevent this by trying to keep plants, bushes and trees well watered so they wont need to keep growing their roots or have  them removed. You may not notice there is a problem until it is too late and the drainage system becomes broken. By contacting a drain company such as Drain Smart we can provide useful help and information on how to prevent this problem, if you suspect that you have a broken drain due to growing tree roots then give us a call today on : 0800 7 40 80 40 and we will be more than happy to help you with your drainage needs.

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