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Drain Lining and Repairs by Drainsmart

Drain Lining and Repairs by Drainsmart

As an established drainage company in London, Drainsmart provides a wide range of services for our valued customers. We service areas in and around the city, assisting with common drain problems such as blockages and leaks.

One of our most common services is drain lining. This is a way of restoring your drains by sleeving them on the inside, thereby covering any damaged areas. In order to ascertain whether drain lining would be the suitable solution for your drainage problem, our engineers can carry out what’s called a CCTV drain survey or camera inspection, of your drains, which will provide us with footage to see what’s going on.


At Drainsmart, our prices start from just £175 + VAT, and allow for up to 3 manholes - which is usually enough to cover most properties. If your property is larger than average (congratulations), then additional investment may be required in order to perform a CCTV drain survey of the entire drainage system.

Once our experienced drainage engineers have looked at the footage, we will be able to understand whether drain lining is the best course of action.

Can Drainsmart operate during the Coronavirus Lockdown in the UK?

As sewage workers are classed as key workers, yes, Drainsmart continues to operate during the current lockdown situation in the UK. This is important for anyone requiring emergency drainage in London, as we can still visit your property and our team will take all necessary precautions to ensure social distancing measures are put in place.

A lot of the work our engineers perform takes place outside of the house or property.

Will lining my drain fix my leaks?

Possibly. As with all diagnoses, it is important for us to fully examine the situation before we carry out any drainage services on your property. This is why we recommend having a CCTV drain survey first, in order to get a better understanding of your drains and why they might be leaking.

In order to book a CCTV drain survey in London or the surround areas, give our friendly team a call or use the contact form at the bottom of the page to get in touch and we will be happy to help.

If you still have questions about our drainage services, including drain lining or CCTV drain surveys, why not visit our Services page to find out more?

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