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Drain Repairs in London after storm Dennis

February has seen a wave of extreme weather conditions in the UK.

After Storm Ciara caused havoc up and down the country, we were delivered another bout of heavy rain and winds from Storm Dennis. Many homes have experienced damage and issues following these storms and you may be looking for drain repairs in London. This is something Drainsmart can help with. It is important to fix any problems which have been caused, as well as assessing your pipes to see if future storms and extreme weather could be problematic for your property.

Drain Repairs in London
Drain Repairs in London

Drain Repairs After Heavy Rain

Heavy rainfall can lead to flooding if there are problems with your pipes, such as blockages. If you have damaged pipes, then heavy rain may exacerbate the problem leading to leaks. Either way, the extreme weather caused by something like Storm Dennis or Storm Ciara can expose serious issues with your drainage system at which point it is already too late for us to provide a preemptive fix. You may need drain repairs, however, which we can arrange, whereby our experienced team can visit your property, assess the issues and the best solutions for you, and get to work.

If you believe that your drainage system could do with a CCTV Drain Survey in London, we can also book you in. Our drain surveys use CCTV to inspect your pipes and locate any potential issues.

Drain Repairs in London After Strong Winds

Fortunately for many property owners, pipework is mostly underground therefore protected from strong winds and the destruction they can lead to. Storm Dennis caused huge amounts of property damage across the UK, however, and for some, this would leave to drainage issues. Many drains are in need of clearance (something Drainsmart can also help with), and broken pipework can occur - especially if your property was not well sheltered.

If you are unsure as to whether you require drain repairs in London, you can get in touch with our team to book an inspection. By having our team inspect your drainage system, we can find out if there is damage to worry about or if there are blockages which will lead to flooding. Peace of mind for the next wave of extreme weather could be invaluable, especially if Storm Dennis and Storm Ciara have already had an impact on your drains.

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