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Drain Repairs in London as the lockdown eases

April is here and the UK lockdown is slowly starting to ease, which means for many - getting back to business as normal (or as close to “normal” as can be). Whilst we at Drainsmart have remained open over the last year, being classed as essential workers, we understand that many households may have felt reluctant to open their homes to anyone, even delaying important problems within their property.

Drain Repairs in London
Drain Repairs in London

If you have been in need of drain repairs in London but have delayed because of the pandemic, we would urge you to get in touch with Drainsmart as soon as possible. We carry out repairs on drains every day and can tell you from experience that putting off getting help almost never works. Having performed over 150,000 drain repairs, our team of experienced engineers know what they are doing, will keep a safe distance from you and your family (or any other occupants), and will only carry out work that is completely necessary and agreed with you.

In order to ascertain what’s needed for your drain repair in London, we would usually recommend a CCTV drain survey (unless the issue is already known to you). A drain survey will allow our engineers to inspect the drains, checking for any and all issues within the pipes. Often we find breaks/gaps which are important to get fixed - as leaving these longer will only make them worse. We may also find infestations - and, due to the hazard they pose to inhabitants, it will be important to tackle these sooner rather than later.

You may already know what the issue is, or may just be able to spot one of the symptoms of a drainage issue, such as foul smells or cracks in the property. It is important to get a remedy quickly, as leaving issues like these could lead to unsanitary and unhygienic conditions, flooding, subsidence and more.

We have carried out over 45,000 CCTV Drain Surveys in London and the surrounding areas, so have pretty much seen it all. We find this is important to our customers, especially during these uncertain times, as they do not want additional people in and around their homes any longer than they need to be. We will also aim to be as minimally invasive as possible, avoiding any unnecessary excavations and such like wherever possible. If pipework needs to be replaced, however, there may be no other option but to excavate. Even so, we will do this with respect to you and your property and will talk you through the process as much as possible so you will know what will happen and you can prepare.

If you would like Drainsmart to carry out drain repairs in London at your property, use the contact form at the bottom of the page to get in touch.

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