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How to repair a drain pipe using a sleeve

As a leading provider of drain repairs in London, the Drainsmart team are often asked how we can repair a broken drain pipe. There can be a few solutions depending on the individual situation, from using drain sleeving techniques, to replacing the entire system. Our London drainage experts will always provide our recommended solution that is the most affordable and causes the least amount of disruption to our customers, whilst providing a fix that will last.

Drain lining in London from Drainsmart Ltd

How drain pipes get damaged and therefore need repairs

There could be many causes of broken pipes in your drainage system, here are some of the most common:

  • Wear and tear over time: like any part of your property, general wear and tear will likely cause issues over time. Pipes are no different and cracks, breaks, and gaps can start to occur if they are old.

  • Tree roots: a very common cause of broken pipes, tree roots can be an unseen menace when it comes to your drains. The Drainsmart team are well experienced in removing these and fixing pipes.

  • Faulty installation: if your pipes were not installed correctly to begin with, issues can occur later on. One way to inspect this is to use a CCTV drain survey in London from the Drainsmart team.

  • Drain blockages: sometimes drain pipes can break due to blockages. It's important to get any blockages cleared and to avoid them building up again. We can provide expert advice on checking for blockages as well as how to prevent them.

  • Erosion and soil movement: the earth around your pipes may move due to natural causes, which can lead to issues with your pipes.

Tree roots that cause damaged drain pipes
Tree roots found within a customers drains

Drain Sleeving in London from Drainsmart Ltd

We can repair a drain pipe with a sleeve to restore it to its full working potential. Drain sleeving, which may also be known as drain lining, is where a durable sleeve material is inserted into your drain pipe and then expanded within the section that needs repairing. It may then go through a curing process in order to ensure the lining is strong and secured within.

The benefits of using a sleeve to repair a drain are that it is minimally invasive to you as the property owner and more affordable than if a complete replacement of the system were needed.

There may be times when drain sleeving is not appropriate to fix your broken drain pipe. The best way to find out is to contact the friendly Drainsmart team and request a CCTV drain survey. This will allow us to get a better picture of what's going on within your drains and the solutions that will be available to you which may include drain lining in London.


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