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How to Repair Collapsed Pipework Using a London Drainage Company

If you're dealing with a collapsed pipework issue, it's important to get it fixed as soon as possible. Not only is the problem unsightly and inconvenient, but it can also lead to further damage if left untreated. Fortunately, here at Drainsmart, we are able to provide expert drain repairs in London (and the surrounding areas) in order to restore your drains to full working order.

Drain Repairs in London
Drain Repairs in London

Here's a step-by-step guide on what to expect when you use our professional London drainage company for your collapsed pipework repairs:

First, one of our expert drainage engineers will arrive at your property and assess the problem. The most common method for this will be a CCTV Drain Survey. This involves using a small camera to investigate the drains and identify the cause of the collapse.

Once the drain survey has been completed, your will be provided with a report of the findings as well as solutions to any of the issues found. If we detect collapsed pipework, the repairs needed could be extensive as this is a major issue that can lead to flooding and other problems within the property.

The next step will be to provide you with a quote for the repairs. This will be based on the severity of the problem as well as the size and location of the drains that need to be repaired.

If you are happy to proceed based on our quote, we will then schedule in a time that is convenient for you to carry out the London drain repairs. We never take payment upfront, only after the work has been carried out and we will keep you updated as best we can every step of the way.

Drain Sleeving For Fractured Pipework

It could be that your pipework is only fractured, as opposed to collapsed, in which case the solution may not need to be as extensive. One of the drainage services we offer is called Drain Sleeving, in which your pipework is restored by installing a structural soft felt liner. This can be performed from manholes and may not require excavation at your property, something we always want to avoid if we can.

Other Types of Drain Repairs

Whilst we love nature, in particular trees, their roots are often the cause of many drainage issues for our customers. But no worry, we can also perform drain repairs in this situation too. Our experienced drainage engineers are often able to remove the roots and get your drains ship shape in no time. Check out our Gallery page for some of the incredible things we have removed from drains!

If your property has pitch fibre in the drain system, we may also be able to provide a Pitch Fibre Reforming service. A common issue is deformed pipework caused by this material. Our engineers will be able to let you know this upon inspection and it may be one of the solutions provided to you.

The next step is to book your CCTV drain survey in London with Drainsmart to ensure any of the aforementioned drainage issues are diagnosed and dealt with as soon as possible. Simply drop our friendly team a message using the contact form below.

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