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My Home Buyers Report says I need a drain survey in London

It’s January 2021 and for many homeowners, the race is on to ensure they get their house purchases and sales in before the looming March deadline for the Stamp Duty tax relaxation. The UK government made the announcement last Spring in order to jump-start the housing market and little did they know the boom it would create. Now, with only months left, many home buyers are speedily getting their surveys in, to ensure the properties they are buying are up to scratch and don’t come with any nasty, hidden defects - it’s not surprising we are untrusting after the year we just had.

CCTV Drain Survey in London
CCTV Drain Survey in London

When buying a home, there are several types of survey you can do (none, if you don’t need a mortgage) and one of the most popular is the Home Buyer’s survey. This includes a good overview of the property you are buying and details any likely issues there may be so that you can be aware of them beforehand.

Due to the complexity and skilled nature of sewage work, a Home Buyer’s survey will not include an inspection of the drains and will commonly recommend seeking out a drainage company to do a drain survey - that’s where Drainsmart comes in.

Using our specialist drainage machinery and equipment, our engineers can inspect the drains at any property using CCTV cameras. The footage can then be used to locate any potential or existing issues, such as blockages or breakages in the pipework. Customers who purchase a CCTV drain survey in London with Drainsmart can then be provided with solutions to any of these potential issues, with detailed costings involved.

With prices from just £175 + VAT for a CCTV drain survey (which would cover up to three manholes - usually enough for most properties), get in touch with the friendly Drainsmart team to book yours. It may be the best investment you make, especially if it unearths some important discoveries about the property you wish to purchase in 2021.

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