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See How a Drain Lining Works from the Drainsmart Ltd Team

Updated: Mar 13

As one of the leading London drainage companies, one of our most popular drainage services is drain lining. We regularly post on our social media the various jobs we carry out for our customers and in one of our most recent videos, we showing the process of drain lining at a property.

We carried out a CCTV camera inspection at this site as a maintenance check due to reoccurring blockages and found defects in numerous places. The client instructed the works we recommended to repair the damage found which included structural soft felt lining to seal the pipework to a watertight condition.

The video, which you can click the image to go and view on the official Drainsmart Ltd Instagram page, shows the process of the installation of a structural soft felt liner once the equipment has been set up at the correct manhole based upon our report and computerised drawing from our CCTV drain survey.

The Drainsmartd Ltd engineers start by cutting the structural soft felt liner to the required length and then mix the resin, accelerator and activator together. This mixture is then poured inside the sleeve and spread through the structural soft felt liner ensuring the whole length is saturated.

The next step is for the engineers to insert the liner into the drainage system. As we only had the one manhole to work from the engineers had to push the liner into position with rods however if we had another access point we could have pulled this through. With this particular run we had to previously excavate upstream of the manhole as another contractor had got a jetting hose stuck and this needed to be released. As the pipework was broken, you can see the liner being pushed past this point.

Once the structural soft felt liner is in position in the drainage system, the bag connected to the air machine is then inserted into the start of the drain run and inflated which then blows the bag through the liner. The pressure forces the saturated liner to take on the shape of the host pipe and this is left running while the chemicals cure in place, leaving a solid sleeve within the drain sealing the previously leaking pipework to a watertight condition.

We hope you found this explanation of our drain lining services useful and if you are suffering from any type of drainage issue right now, contact our friendly team at Drainsmart Ltd for a Free Quote. We service a huge range of homes in London and surrounding areas, so get in touch today.


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