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Shower Drainage 3 Tips to Unblock Shower Drains

Shower Drainage Unblocking Tips

There are a few methods you can yourself to unblock shower drainage systems without the need for a plumber, unless you cant get rid of the problem yourself then you can always contact a professional company like Drain Smart who cover London, Kent and Surrey. They will be able to come out to you within 1 hour of your call and fix any drainage issues you may have. But before considering a plumber here are some tips that you can use to try and unblock your blocked shower drainage.  Before we get messy lets first check over the entrance of the shower drain, sometimes this area gets clogged up with long hair which prevents water from following down the drain. Just put on some rubber gloves and remove the hair by plucking it out of the drain.

Using a Plunger to Remove a Shower Blockage

So you have removed the hair from the shower drainage system, but when you test your shower the water is still not going down the drain, this could be a tell tail sign that you have a shower drainage blockage. You could try using a plunger just place it over the entrance of the shower drains and pump it up and down, you will hear water moving like a suction, this will help to remove any blockages that maybe in the drainage system itself. If after you try using a plunger and the blockage is still around you can then move onto something a little more aggressive.

Using Chemicals to Unblock a Clogged Shower

So if the two prevouis tips have failed and you are wondering what you can do next, you can always try drain unblocking chemicals which you usually find at the supermarkets and just about any shop that sells household chemicals. Pick one that is for sink unblocking that way you get the right product for the job. You will need to first pour half of the bottle down into the shower drainage system, let it sit for a while and the chemicals will do the work of unblocking the blocked drain. Once its been about 30 minutes put the hot water on to flush the drainage system of any left over chemical unblocking gel, this should have removed the blockage and restored flow to your shower drains. If it hasnt worked then something more serious could be potential happening to your drains. Its time to call in the experts but make sure you tell your drainage company that you have used drain unblocking chemicals as they can burn skin, if any of the gel substance is left in the drains it could easily burn someone when under inspection.

Give Drain Smart London , Kent & Sussex a call today on : 0800 7 40 80 40   for a free quotation. We will get your drains running once again.

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