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Step-by-Step guide to a CCTV drain survey in London

Having a professional drainage company inspect your drains may feel somewhat nerve-wracking. After all, very few homeowners are adept in sewage issues and most feel that their drains are just something that look after themselves.

That’s why, at Drainsmart, we have laid out clear steps as to What to expect when having a CCTV drain survey in London. This way, you can feel reassured about the process and prevent any potential issues within your drains from building up.

Because, and we know this having been a London drainage company for many years, drains don’t look after themselves.

Step-by-Step guide to a CCTV drain survey in London
Step-by-Step guide to a CCTV drain survey in London

Step 1: Booking a CCTV Drain Survey

As with any of our drainage services, you simply need to get in touch with our friendly team to book. And you can do this either via our freephone telephone number: 0800 740 80 40 - or via our contact page. There is also a contact form at the bottom of this page, so you can simply scroll down and quickly pop in your details.

Once we have heard from you a bit about the situation at your property, we will book a convenient time for our engineers to come and visit.

Step 2: Attending your CCTV Drain Survey

The Drainsmart engineers will arrive at your property on your chosen date and time. They will then use CCTV camera equipment to inspect your drains using access from manholes.

Within our CCTV Drain Survey package, we allow for 3 manholes - which is usually enough to cover most properties. Additional manholes can also be purchased, if your property is rather large.

Step 3: Assessing the CCTV Drain Survey Footage

Our experienced drainage engineers will be able to assess the footage from the cameras, looking out for potential problems. If nothing is found, then there won’t be any recommendations for further drainage services.

It’s possible the CCTV footage may show issues such as infestations (e.g. rats), blockages, or even fractures in the pipework.

Step 4: Recommendations from your CCTV Drain Survey in London

If any of the issues listed above (or others) are found, the Drainsmart engineers will make recommendations on how to solve them. Having conducted thousands of CCTV drain surveys across London and the surrounding areas, we have basically seen it all at this point. The good news for you is that we will be able to get your drains ship shape right away.

Step 5: Your CCTV Drain Survey Report

With all of our CCTV drain surveys, we provide our customers with a report of our findings. This isn’t some sketch on the back of an envelope, rather a computerised drawing which shows you the layout of the accessible system. This is yours to keep and can be useful in certain situations such as a house purchase.

And there you have it, a detailed layout of what to expect when having a CCTV drain survey in London from Drainsmart.

Get in touch to book yours today.

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