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CCTV Drain Surveys – What Are They?

Drains aren’t necessarily the most interesting of subjects to discuss, however when you encounter a problem with your residential (or commercial) drainage system, it suddenly becomes hot topic not only because you now find yourself with defective drains / pipework, but also because the element of unknown creeps in – what are the issues, how do you go about fixing it and, if an insurance company is involved, how do you make sense of what they have advised.

We are a helpful bunch at Drainsmart – so much so that we will be posting periodical blogs and guides to discuss and answer the many questions we get asked on a frequent basis and most of all to provide some clarity amongst the many concerns and worries that are often roused due to defective and damaged drains.

For this blog we will be looking at the process involved in CCTV Drain Surveys.

It all sounds very technical (to some at least!) when we talk about using our CCTV system to investigate that mysterious blockage and to unravel the reasons why your toilet or sink isn’t flowing as it should, but in fact it’s all pretty simple stuff.

We start the whole process by unloading lots of different equipment from our van, usually onto your patio or driveway as this is where most manhole covers can be found, and if it’s not here its typical that they can be found in the most inaccessible, hard to access areas, but hey, that’s the nature of the job!

Once we have everything ready, the next step is to remove the manhole cover and start to uncover the nasties that lurk beneath … which usually takes on the form of a tree root, too much loo roll, shoes, clothes, dead animal’s – not nice to think of I know but it is a common occurrence.

Our CCTV Drain Survey system unfurls itself along the length of your drainage system, recording its findings to our on-site recording system ready for further analysis back at our offices. Some of the many problems that can cause blocked drains include collapsed pipework – this is normally caused by aged pipework that has eroded away, roots from a nearby tree that have penetrated the pipework, a drop in pipe-level at a connecting section which can cause a lip for waste to collect on and back up, or other causes which include damage to the pipe caused by workmen digging up the surrounding areas.

Once we have analysed the footage from the CCTV Drain Survey and have diagnosed the problem, we send you a full written report that includes a colour computerised drainage layout diagram and DVD recording (if requested). If required we can meet with you to discuss solutions from our report to fix the problems.

Drainsmart can provide solutions including Pitch Fibre Reforming (which we will discuss in another blog) which is a service that repairs a partially collapsed sections within a drainage system, or drain lining for more serious damage from broken pipes, root damage, a drop in pipe-level on the connecting sections and more besides. All our solutions come with guarantees and are carried out with the minimum of disruption, fuss and you can be sure that the problem will be eradicated.

Speak to us today if you would like some advice, guidance or would like us to provide you with a no-obligation quotation – ask for Tony! On 020 8663 3699

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