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Understanding your drainage emergency

Drainsmart has been providing expert drainage services in London for many years. We recognise that many of our customers come to us not only for our affordable options, like CCTV drain surveys, drain repairs, drain lining and more but also because we help them understand their issue better.

London Drainage Emergency
London Drainage Emergency

If your property is experiencing a drainage emergency, get in contact with the friendly Drainsmart team right away. You can use the contact form at the bottom of the website or using our phone number. Delaying could result in any issue becoming worsened and the scope of the repair needed greater.

But how do you know what the problem is?

To help our customers better understand their drainage emergencies, as well as other aspects of drain repairs, we put together a glossary of drainage terms. We hope this will help to clarify aspects of our work.

If you want to read the glossary - click here.

Whilst the glossary may help with the terminology our drainage experts will use, it may not help homeowners and landlords diagnose issues within the property. The best way for us to help you is to inspect the drains. The most common way is through a CCTV drain survey in London (we also provide services for properties outside London, please get in touch to find out our service areas). A drain survey, or CCTV camera inspection, will allow our engineers to get a visual look at your drains so we can spot any damage, blockages etc. Once we have more information about the drains at your property, we will be able to discuss with you the options for repair. These may include services like drain sleeving, blocked drain clearance etc.

Currently, CCTV drain surveys in London start at just £175 + VAT, and for this price, our engineers will be able to inspect up to 3 manholes - which covers most properties. If yours is larger, you can request additional manholes at further investment. If you would like to book our team to come to visit your property, make an enquiry at the bottom of the page. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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