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What is a Home Buyers Drain Survey?

Home buyers have a lot on their plate. There are so many aspects of buying a house to coordinate that it could be easy to forget something as simple (but equally as vital) as the drainage system at the home you intend to buy.

What is a Home Buyer Drain Survey?
What is a Home Buyer Drain Survey?

When purchasing a new house, most people know you have to get a survey done if you plan to ask a bank for a mortgage. They will not lend you the money if they think the property you are buying is not a sound investment for them. At the end of the day, if you fail to make your mortgage payments, they will have to get their money back from the sale of the house - which they won’t be able to do if you bought it for a lot more than it was worth.

Inspecting the drains at a property you plan to purchase is a sound investment. For an affordable sum, a CCTV drain survey can inspect the drainage system and find pre-existing issues or anything that has the potential to turn into a bigger issue. Anything from a blockage up to extensive breaks in the pipework could be located, and these issues are better off found before you are the owner, and therefore responsible, for the property.

At Drainsmart, we provide CCTV drain surveys in London and the surrounding areas and many of our customers are people looking to buy a new home. We also work with landlords, councils, and more, to ensure that the drains at certain properties are in full working order.

A CCTV drain survey will usually cover three manholes (more can be added on if needed - at further cost), and will include a detailed report about the findings and any further recommended work needed. Our engineers are fully trained and experienced, and have access to the latest technology in order to complete the work safely and efficiently. We are also considered keyworkers during this current pandemic and will take precautions to ensure safety measures are in place during our visit to keep you and us safe.

If you are interested in a Home Buyers Drain Survey, get in touch with the friendly Drainsmart team today. You can either use the contact form at the bottom of the page, or give us a call on 0800 740 80 40.

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