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What's the cost of a CCTV drain survey in London?

Homeowners and landlords know the value of a property in full working order. Rarely is a home without some kind of fault, often we choose to address the priority items first before getting to that squeaky back gate or putting up that family photo canvas that’s been sitting on the landing since last Christmas. When it comes to drain repairs, however, these often shoot straight to the top of the list.

Image shows a manhole surrounding by grass with the Drainsmart logo at the bottom left.
What's the cost of a CCTV drain survey in London?

At Drainsmart, we have been providing CCTV drain surveys in London for many years. Our customers really appreciate the in-depth knowledge it provides them about their drains, as well as making them feel more comfortable about any other essential works that may be needed. Because, after all, drainage issues are a priority.

How much does a CCTV drain survey cost?

At the time of writing this article, a CCTV drain survey with Drainsmart starts from just £215.00 plus VAT. This allows for up to three manholes at your property, our CCTV camera inspection will be able to cover a lot of properties with this allowance. If you have a much bigger than the average house (congratulations) you may need additional manholes to be added to your package. Additional manholes are currently £60.00 plus VAT.

Please note: these prices may change and are correct at the time of writing. For up-to-date costs of CCTV drain surveys in London and other drainage services, please visit our fees page which can be accessed by the main menu above.

Why should I pay for a CCTV drain survey?

If you are experiencing any kind of drainage issue, a CCTV drain survey could actually save you a lot of time and money. Rather than paying for a London drainage company to come out and attempt a series of fixes - many of which may not be suitable, a drain survey will likely allow our engineers to know exactly what the problem is. Many customers who come to us after trying other London drainage companies tell us about unnecessary excavations and huge amounts of effort being ploughed into a relatively simple problem, causing a lot of frustration and upset.

At Drainsmart, our priority list sees great customer service right at the top. This is why a CCTV drain survey is one of our most popular drainage services. They are quick, simple, and relatively affordable to get a great insight into your drains. They can also be a fantastic investment for property owners or those looking to buy, as they can add reassurance to your purchase (or help you avoid some serious issues).

Some of the findings from a CCTV drain survey could include infestations of your drains - such as rats - blockages, broken pipes, and other issues not visible from above ground. Should the footage show any of these problems, knowing about them as soon as possible could be key in avoiding a lot of trouble.

Get in touch with the friendly Drainsmart team to book your CCTV drain survey in London or the surrounding areas.

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