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Where to buy a CCTV drain survey in London for a new house

Buying a house in London comes with many potential risks and concerns. One of those shouldn’t be what’s going on with the drains. That’s why many home buyer reports will recommend getting a drain survey done by an experienced London drainage company, like Drainsmart.

Our CCTV drain surveys in London (and the surrounding areas) can provide peace of mind for buyers, especially if the property you are looking to purchase looks to have preexisting issues elsewhere, as these can be signs of wear and tear or poor upkeep by the current or previous owners.

Where to buy a CCTV drain survey in London for a new house
Where to buy a CCTV drain survey in London for a new house

Purchasing a house is a huge investment for many and in London perhaps more so, and often budgets may seem too stretched to add anything else into the long list of things to pay for when buying a new home. It is regularly recommended that you allocate a small amount for a CCTV drain survey, however, as this is something that could reveal a variety of serious issues within a property - aspects which you cannot ignore. Many home buyers will invest money for their solicitors to perform checks on the local area - planning permissions etc. Often these turn up with irrelevant information that is unlikely going to affect your decision to purchase the property. Unlike a CCTV drain survey in London which can reveal costly defects in the drains, such as cracked pipework or gaps, or even infestations - something which every homeowner would want to know immediately.

Drainsmart CCTV Drain Surveys start at just £175 + VAT - which is likely to cover the majority of properties within London. Our experienced drainage engineers will be able to inspect the drains prior to your exchange date so that you have the report before any final decisions are made. As you are not the current owner, you will need to ask for access - usually via the estate agent who is selling the property you wish to buy. It may be that a survey uncovers nothing that requires attention, or that the issues a minor and can be fixed with minimal costs involved. However, should more extensive repairs or services be needed, you may wish to discuss this with the current owners to see who will take care of them. In some circumstances, sellers may drop the price of their house in order to accommodate any fixes needed.

If you are looking to find out where to buy a CCTV drain survey in London or the surrounding areas, look no further than Drainsmart. Our friendly team are happy to help and we are able to continue operating throughout the lockdown/tier system which is currently in force. Send us a message using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

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