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Lateral Drain Cutting

Drain Smart are proud owners of a new lateral drain cutter, the ideal method for cutting out lateral connections once a drain lining service has been carried out. A lateral cutting device allows us to cut through pipes and hard blocking within pipe sections at various angles. Once drain lining has been installed in a pipe, it will usually block pipe intersections. The lateral cutting machine will allow for perfect cutting around the intersection and allowing waterflow through the intersection. For more information on our lateral cutting machine, or the services we carry out – give us a call today on 0800 740 8040 or use the contact form on the right-hand side of the page.


Drain Lining

Traditionally a defective, broken or leaking drain has required excavation and renewal to effect a repair either to a whole run or a localised area. Often drainage is affected by tree or shrub root ingress which causes frequent blockages which can be expensive to clear, inconvenient and hazardous to health.

The cost of any excavation and remedial works can be immense and these are quite often not covered by buildings insurance and therefore methods of insitu repair (without the need for excavation) have been developed – customers requiring drain lining can benefit from this cost effective, efficient and permanent method of repair.


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