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5 Drain Repairs You May Need

Our drainage engineers have a wealth of experience providing a wide range of services to our customers across London, Kent, and the South East. The Drainsmart team are always on hand to answer your questions and queries when it comes to any drainage issue and in this article we will provide you with 5 Drain Repairs You May Need for your home or property.

5 Drain Repairs You May Need

Drain Repair #1 - Blocked Drain Clearance

One of the most common, and frustrating, drainage issues for customers is when they have a blocked drain. Over time, items that have been flushed down the toilet or sink that shouldn't have been can create a blockage, preventing the water from flowing properly. We have several ways of clearing a blocked drain, such as high-pressure water jetting.

Having a blocked drain, especially for a long period of time, can cause other drainage issues. Our team will likely want to investigate the drains first to find out what's causing the blockage, as well as any other relevant factors that may help to guide us to the correct solution to your problem.

Drain Repair #2 - Broken Pipework

Unless your drains and pipes are visible above ground, it is unlikely that you would know you have broken pipework somewhere along the system. Much like a blocked drain, the Drainsmart engineers are likely going to need to view the inside of the system using a CCTV Drain Survey, which will allow them to look out for any of these types of issues. If broken pipework is found, it can be repaired using drain sleeving, or replaced. Where possible, our engineers will provide a variety of solutions depending on your preference and budget.

Drain Repair #3 - Drain Sleeving

As mentioned, drain sleeving can be used to replace broken pipework or even gaps. As the name suggests, this involves placing a sleeve within the pipe to create a new, unbroken tunnel within the previous pipe in order to create a fully functioning space for water to flow. Drain sleeving is a complex procedure and one that the Drainsmart engineers have a lot of experience with. Contact us for more details.

Drain Repair #4 - Rat Defence

Drain infestations are likely one of the worse for homeowners to experience. In London, many homes suffer from rat infestations and may not know how to combat them. Having rats in your drains can lead to all kinds of issues and repairs being needed. At Drainsmart, we are proud to offer our customers Rat Defence. We have several methods of keeping Rats out of your drains and can guide you on the best option or options for your property. Contact our friendly team if you would like to know more about Rat Defence.

Drain Repair #5 - Pitch Fibre Reforming

Earthenware or vitrified clay pipework was the most commonly used drainage pipe material used for many years but a new material was brought into circulation in the late 1950’s called pitch fibre. Unfortunately, the material was discovered to be inherently defective and quickly taken out of circulation but not before thousands of miles of pipework had been installed.

In the most severe cases, the only remedy is full excavation and replacement which is both very expensive and very disruptive. However, even if the pipework has severely deformed

reducing the bore to less than 50% of its original size, specialist reforming equipment can be used to return the pipe to the circular shape, commonly known as re-rounding.

If you would like to know more about any of the expert drain repairs in London we can provide, please contact us today.

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