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5 Reasons to Call Drainsmart - a London Drainage Company

When it comes to experiencing common drainage issues, or even just best practice to home ownership, we know that it may be difficult to know when to call in the experts. At Drainsmart, we like to give guidance to our customers on how to anticipate issues with their drains and to know when to give us a call. In this article, we will explore 5 reasons to call a London drainage company like us.

When to call a London drainage company

Number 1: You are buying a property

Purchasing a home or building is one of the main reasons customers would want to call a London drainage company like Drainsmart. You will likely have acquired a survey on the property in question and may have had the recommendation to get the drains surveyed too. This can be a very wise investment. To know what's going on with the drains at the property could be essential and prevent a big shock down the line - when it's your problem to deal with.

At Drainsmart, we provide what's called a CCTV Drain Survey in London. This allows our experienced drainage engineers to feed cameras into your drains, looking for any potential issues, such as blockages, broken pipes, or infestations (yes, even rats). The footage is then looked over and a report is given to you. This can then be used in your negotiations if there are any particular issues you want to resolve before you proceed.

Number 2: You have a leak, flooding, or similar drainage issue

Often calling a London drainage company is something you do when you can see a problem. Whether it's flooding around your drain or a foul smell coming from the drains, this is often the time when you will want to speak with the Drainsmart team urgently. Depending on the situation and the availability of our drainage engineers, we will aim to prioritise customers with more serious issues, especially if they pose a danger to the health and safety of inhabitants.

If you are experiencing this type of drainage issue, it is best to call or contact us immediately. We will do our best to see you as soon as possible.

Number 3: You have an infestation

Whether you know you have rats in your drains or you just suspect you have some unwanted creatures in your pipes, you could benefit from a CCTV drain survey from Drainsmart. The footage will give us (and you) and much better idea of what's going on and whether any action is needed.

Some properties will have issues with rats in their pipes and drains. Whilst a very unwelcome situation, it can be quite common. But don't worry, this is something Drainsmart can assist with. Find out more about our rat defence options here.

Number 4: It's time for a check

Never underestimate the power of being prepared. If you feel that now is a good time to get your drains inspected, a London drainage company like us are just a phone call or contact form away. Book in a CCTV drain survey whilst it is not an emergency (like some of the aforementioned reasons).

Number 5: Your handyman couldn't quite...handle it

There are a lot of people in the trade who may be able to assist with common drainage issues. However, when it comes to more complex or serious issues, it may be time to call a professional London drainage company like Drainsmart. We invest in equipment and training for our team to ensure that our customers get the best service possible. We also have a mammoth amount of combined experience, dealing with 100s of emergency drain repairs every year.

To get in touch with the friendly Drainsmart team, please use the contact form below.


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