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Coronavirus causing drainage issues in London and the UK

The scale of the current Coronavirus pandemic is unprecedented. We are all living under bizarre and chaotic conditions which has affected households across London and the UK in many different ways. One of the most prominent effects of the COVID-19 outbreak has been stockpiling leading to a shortage of toilet roll. Without this basic necessity, some people have turned to alternative products in order to maintain personal hygiene, including the use of wet wipes - which they then flush. These, as has been noted many times in the past, leads to blocked drains and in some cases flooding.

During a nationwide lockdown, one of the last things you will want to experience is a drainage issue, which is why advice is to not flush any wet wipes you may have to use down the toilet. It is better to throw them in the bin.

Wet wipes a scourge to drains during Coronavirus lockdown
Wet wipes a scourge to drains during Coronavirus lockdown

How a CCTV Drain Survey in London can help find drainage issues

At Drainsmart, we can provide a CCTV drain survey and the surrounding areas, to locate drainage problems and suggest solutions to fix them. This can include blocked drain clearance.

A drain survey or CCTV camera inspection, will involve our specialist equipment being used to send a camera into your pipes to record footage which our team of experienced engineers can observe. This footage can also be shown to you so you can see the potential drainage issues for yourself.

Drain Repairs during the UK Coronavirus Lockdown

Whilst many businesses in the UK have been ordered by the government to close their doors, sewage workers like us are classified as key workers and are therefore still able to operate. In fact, during these times whereby more people are in their homes, it is essential that drain repairs are carried out as a priority. Should homes be affected by blocked drains or similar drainage issues, it could pose a serious health risk not to mention damaging the property.

Drainsmart, as a drainage company in London, can provide emergency drainage support to homes in London and the surrounding areas. It is best to get in touch with our team as soon as you can if you need a CCTV drain survey carried out so we can get you booked in as a priority.

In the meantime, try to remember not to flush wet wipes down the toilet.

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