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Drain Repairs in Bromley


Drain Repair Bromley



Get in touch with Drainsmart: a top choice for a Bromley drainage company.

Drainsmart offer drain repairs in London and services throughout Bromley, if you’re looking for a drainage specialist call us on our free phone today on: 0800 7408040

If you’re suffering from drainage issues in the form of blockages, cracks or similar there are several methods of drain repair that are available for you.

Generally, drainage issues are diagnosed by a CCTV Drain Survey, which is where a small camera is used to inspect inside of a drainage system and record the information and provide details of the damage caused to the pipework.

If possible an insitu drain repair such as a structural soft felt lining or structural patch lining is chosen as they are the most economical, and stress-free solutions. However, sometimes there may be cause to excavate the drainage pipes due to the level of deterioration caused over time, because of this we recommend and offer a CCTV Drain Survey in Bromley which will allow us to assess the drains and allow us to preempt any further damage.



Prevention is better than cure, so always be careful of what you pour down your drains.

Blocked drains are mostly caused by people flushing liquids or items which do not break down in their sinks or toilets. Common materials and substances include fat and grease, wet wipes and cigarettes.

When you pour fat or grease down your drain, they will solidify inside of the pipes and slowly grows in thickness each time fat or grease poured down the pipes – this will cause damage to the inside of the pipework and cause a blockage which will require a specialist to remove.

To resolve this issue, we highly recommend you wait for the fat or grease to dry before disposing of it in the dust bin.

Wet wipes and cigarettes are especially known for causing blocked drains, although wet wipes may say they are “flushable” we still recommend that you dispose of these by putting them in the bin.


If you are already struggling with blocked drains, we highly recommend that you do not follow “unblocking your drains DIY guides” that you can find on the internet. These guides usually contain quick remedies such as using baking soda or similar and can actually cause more long term damage to your drainage system and requiring a full excavation.

If you are struggling with a blocked drain in Bromley, be sure to give us a call on 0800 7408040 and have one of our specialists remedy the situation professionally.



For more information on our Bromley Drain Services, you can use the contact form found on the Contact Us page or call us for a free quote on 0800 7408040.

Comments from Drainsmart customers

Below are some of the reviews we have had from Drainsmart customers.

“We have never had drains work done before so choosing this company was a bit of a lottery. We had three quotes and Drainsmart fell right in the middle, however, their assessment was more thorough than the others, and their breakdown of costs more detailed so we chose them. We couldn't fault them. What they quoted was exactly what they charged and they even threw in a new manhole cover, which was not part of the job, for free. They stuck to their schedule, the work was thoroughly professional and finished to a very high standard. Two men were with us for three days and were unfailingly polite and cheerful and left the place spotless. We were dreading having this work done, as it involved digging out some of our cellar and was a messy job, but we hardly noticed they were there!
Maybe we were just lucky, but if our experience is anything to go by we wouldn't hesitate to recommend this company.”

Mrs Trudie Jackson, Drainsmart Customer

Frequently Asked Questions about Drain Repairs in Bromley

How long does Drainsmart take to perform drain repairs in Bromley?

Fortunately, Drainsmart Ltd is based in Beckenham near Bromley, which means our expert team of drainage engineers are not far. In terms of timeframes for drain repairs, this would be completely based on your property and the scale of the issue you are having. The first step before we conduct drain repairs in Bromley is to perform a CCTV Drain Survey (also known as a CCTV camera inspection), this allows us to inspect your drains, examine the footage, and know more thoroughly what's going on. If drain repairs are required, the Drainsmart team will then be able to provide you with our recommendations and you will be able to learn more about the time scales involved, as well as any costs.

What are the costs involved for drain repairs in Bromley?

Unfortunately, there's no one-size-fits-all answer to this question as drain repair costs can vary greatly depending on several factors: Type of repair: Simple clog removal: This is typically the cheapest option, starting at around £75, but can increase depending on the severity of the clog and accessibility. Drain jetting: This uses high-pressure water to clear blockages and can cost between £150-£300. CCTV drain survey: This helps identify the cause and location of the problem, typically costing between £150-£300. Patch repair: Fixing small cracks or leaks can range from £150-£500. Pipe relining: This involves lining existing pipes without excavation and can cost between £500-£2,000 per meter. Full drain replacement: This is the most expensive option, costing thousands of pounds depending on the length and location of the drain. Other factors: Location: Costs may be higher in urban areas due to higher labor rates and permit fees. Emergency call-outs: Expect higher charges for urgent repairs outside regular hours. Company and expertise: Reputable Bromley drainage companies like Drainsmart with experienced technicians might command higher fees but often provide better service and warranties. Additional services: Camera inspection, waste removal, or environmental charges can add to the overall cost. Here are some resources to help you get a better estimate for your specific needs:

Can Drainsmart Ltd provide drain repairs if I am not a homeowner?

It would likely mean we need to speak with the owner/landlord of the property in order to provide a CCTV drain survey and any follow up drain repairs in Bromley. This would depend on the contract you have with the owner of the property and it may also not be your problem to solve. If you would like your landlord to speak with us, feel free to direct them to our website and contact page, where they can submit a request. Or provide them with our number - 020 8663 6399 - to discuss our drain repairs in Bromley services further.

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