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Drain Lining in London - finding reputable drainage companies

It’s a new year, and a new decade, and for many, this brings resolutions to start those long-put-off house repairs and jobs. As daunting as it may be, the consequences of putting them off even longer could make matters worse.

If you are suffering from drainage issues, in particular, you could find yourself looking for drain lining in London or the surrounding areas. At Drainsmart, we want to share with you a few tips on how you can find reputable drainage companies like us rather than ones which are going to get your new year off to a bad start.

Searching for “Drain Lining in London” on Google

One of the older tricks in the books (unless, like us, you remember Ask Jeeves), most homeowners will do a quick Google search in order to see providers for the services they need. This is an effective solution but there are a few considerations to take into account.

1. Will you click a Google ad? These appear at the top of Google and now, more than ever, blend in with the rest of the page. These drainage companies are often paying to be there which means they are serious about getting your business but are they serious about providing you with the most effective solution to your drainage issues?

2. Will you use the maps? This is great for homeowners looking for a local drainage company to help them with their situation. However, you can’t always be sure what services they provide specifically and will have to do more research on their website to find out - potentially wasting valuable time.

3. Will you use the “organic” search results? These are websites that Google has deemed the most relevant and authoritative for their customers (i.e. the searcher). Most people will not go past page 1. From the 10 results shown, you will often find the specific page you need. In the case of this article, it would be the service page for Drain Lining in London, rather than the homepage.

Looking at reviews for London drainage companies

If you do choose to check out London drainage companies on a search engine, be sure to have a look at their reviews. These are a great way of establishing what people have to say about them.

When visiting the website of a drainage company, they should also have a testimonials section you can use.

Checking Social Media

If you think a drainage company is not legitimate, or you have any doubts, take a look on social media and see if you can find them. Reputable brands should have a public-facing presence. Are they interacting with their online community? If you can’t find them at all, that should sound alarm bells.

Checkatrade & TrustPilot

Much like social media, most companies these days are on neutral review sites and platforms like Checkatrade and TrustPilot. When you look up their names are you able to find them? Does the company clearly display the logos of the platforms like we do?

Hopefully, these tips on finding reputable drainage companies for drain lining in London have been useful. At Drainsmart, we want to ensure customers know that we are a legitimate and responsible company, which is why you will always find us in the right places.

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