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Drainage companies providing drain repairs in London

For household plumbing jobs, you may often call up a local handyman or plumber. Which is fine when the job is to fix your leaky tap. But when it comes to a larger task like drain repairs in London, you are likely to search for a drainage company for the following reasons:

  • The scale of the work is going to be considerable

  • A London drainage company will have experience with this type of work

  • They will also have the right tools for the job and will come accredited

Not all London Drainage Companies are created equal

If you type a question into your favourite search engine, like Google, "Drain repairs in London", you are going to be provided with a smorgasbord of businesses vying for your attention. Many are reputable, some will not be. So how do you sort them out? Time is valuable if your drains need repairing and you don't have time to do thorough investigations into each and every one of them.

Here are a few things you can check for which should put your mind at ease:

Do they have a Google Business Listing? Search for their brand name individually and if you don't see them on the maps with all the relevant contact details, it could be they are simply a company outsourcing their work.

What do their reviews say? Not the ones on their website (they could cherry pick the best ones, or even worse: make them up), but the ones on neutral platforms like Google, Facebook, or Yell. If you can't find the drainage companies on there, move on.

Does their website show accreditation with industry providers and platforms? Some companies will not be registered with the proper bodies, this could mean the work they do is not to industry standards and could cause short and long term problems, meaning future drain repairs in London will be needed.

Why would I need drain repairs?

Sometimes repairs are needed to your drainage system due to an obvious issue, such as flooding, leaking etc. In other circumstances, the consequences could be hidden and the problem may only become apparent later.

One way to check to see if you have an issue is to have a CCTV drain survey - this is something we provide at Drainsmart.

Get in touch with us today if you have questions or concerns about your drains.

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